I love what I do as a writer. I dream up a concept and make it available for others to read as an escape from reality. Reading is an essential tool for life, and I strongly feel that there can never be enough books to encourage people (especially children and teens) to crack open and explore someplace new. Reading is an inexpensive passport to an unknown destination.

Who am I? I am an emerging artist of sorts, a dreamer! As a child, I was the one with the overactive imagination, with my teachers always telling me to get my head out of the clouds. I told lots of stories, some believable, others very much a tall tale. I suppose it has always been in my blood to write books; I just didn't realize it until 2004 when I attempted to write my first piece. In 2005 I imagined a race of humans born of magic who could fly, cast spells, live simply, and be carefree; it was then that the Pharian Chronicles were born. My writing just progressed as the ideas have continued to flow with many more waiting to be written.

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