The Pharian Chronicles

A Four Book Series

The Pharian Chronicles is a fantasy series that is set back in the Renaissance period. The main character is a princess named Brianna, who is born different from her people. She is always questioning their ways and trying to find a better way to fit in so she can be a better fit as their future queen.

Each book contains a page in the back to help learn the secret Pharian language. (Its also great for writing coded messages to friends!)

In the first book, The Magic Book, Princess Brianna sets out on an adventure to find a lost heirloom that can change the fate of her people. During her excursion, she and her friends run into a band of thieving pirates who are after the same thing, a magic book. It's up to Brianna, Reilly, Quinn, and Aislinn to find the missing book before the pirates and return home in one piece.

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In book two, The Shark Skull, Brianna is kidnapped by the same pirates who taunted her in her first adventure. With the help of a crazy old wizard, Brianna is rescued and introduced to a world of magic she never knew existed. She and her friends reunite and encounter even more trouble than they thought possible nearly ending their lives.

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Book three, Conquering Evil; Brianna faces more heart ripping decisions than ever before. People all around her, including those she loves dearly, are dying from illness and injury. She feels it's her job to heal those she can even if it means her life. Cheer Brianna and her friends on as they live or die fighting to save the world from a hateful pirate, even though the ones they are protecting would have them killed just for being different.

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Note from the author:

Every part of my life revolved around these books for a few years. I created an alphabet, maps, and 200 years of genealogy just for these books.  Silly as it sounds, I would have to ask the characters to stop having conversations just so I could get some quiet time. Currently, I cosplay Brianna when I go to book festivals. Maybe one day these books will see the big screen!

Book four, Life of the Damned, is a story written and narrated by Princess Brianna about her ancestor Mary Catherine O'Brady and the birth of her people. Mary was born an unwanted child and raised as an ordinary housemaid by her parents. It was a mere peddler who changed the life of the young girl when he traded a book for a simple ring. Mary quickly learned the art of magic from her book but was immediately thrown into the wilderness when caught by her parents. It was by the grace of stranger that Mary grew into the witch who created a race of beings known as Phairies.

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