Santa's First Noel

  On the night of Jesus' birth, all the talk is of angels, the wise men, and shepherds; yet there was one other important man there that night...Santa. Find the real meaning behind the gifts, and why Santa is important to the most important birthday of the year.

This is a 56 page fully illustrated picture book that is very easy to read and adored by both kids and adults. Forget what you have heard about Santa or even the traditional nativity story. What if you were told that both the stories were...incomplete? Surely you have seen that beautiful figurine of Santa kneeling at the manger that gently cradles a sleeping Jesus! That was the inspiration for this story. Now every Christmas children can be delighted with the tale of how Santa went to Bethlehem to find the special baby the angels praised and how it was God who saw favor in the jolly old toy maker and gave him his extraordinary job as a way to honor the birth of the newborn king!

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Notes from Aileen:

All my life I grew up with a statue of Santa kneeling beside baby Jesus. I never thought twice about the story behind it. It wasn't until my children started asking me questions about the link between Santa and Jesus that I looked at the statue, still at my parents, and wondered what the story was that created such a beautiful piece of art. It dawned on me quickly that I didn't need to wonder about the story. I was an author and I could create it myself. It is now the favorite story Christmas Eve in several homes.