Secrets of the Sycamore

Emily loves a good hike in the forest, but never dreams she would find herself in the company of a fairy, much less lost in another world! Willow is a lost little fairy who needs Emily’s help getting back home; only she lives in a world hidden within a giant sycamore tree. Not long into the journey, a fierce storm forces Willow and Emily to seek shelter in a cave, only the entrance collapses leaving the girls hopelessly lost with no one to call for help. It takes a friendly centaur, and grumpy minotaur to guide the girls to Willow's village, but the adventure doesn’t end there. Emily’s whole family is needed to help rid Helianthus of an evil sorceress who is slowly vanquishing the creatures from their homes. This book is perfect for kids and adults alike. There are no bad words, no adult content, so parents don't have to worry about the story having a negative influence on their children, but it's a humbling story that parents will enjoy reading too. It has a taste of magic, not overpowering, but just enough to give it the element it needs to make it majestic. There is all kinds of mythology included in the story. It combines realism with fantasy; sort of like an Alice in Wonderland sort of thing.

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From the Author:

Secrets of the Sycamore is the first story I had ever come up with. It was the start of my long writing journey that I am imagining my way through. Fun fact; every character (aside from the humans) is named after a plant. This makes the book sort of educational if you make a game out of researching the type of plant your favorite characters are named after.